Types Of Heating Systems To Be Installed In Your Home

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Types Of Heating Systems To Be Installed In Your Home

There are several types of heating systems that are perfectly safe and convenient to install and utilize in the comfort of your home. Depending on your budget, size of your house, and type of heating services in wallan. Below are some of the most common and used methods of heating systems used in many households.

Heating furnaces

A furnace can be of two types a gas furnace and an electricity furnace. It works by forcing a series of warm air passing through different ducts throughout your home keeping the house warm, the air is usually warmed up through electricity as well as gas. Most often gas furnaces are used in households which uses air conditioner to warm up the air that passes through the ducts and spread across the entire surface of your home.


Boilers are another very common heating systems used in most households and operates by pouring steam or hot water through pipes. Similarly for cooling purposes they just pour down the cold water through pipes to cool down the house. These are typically more expensive than any other heating or cooling method. With both furnace and boilers heat is produced through the central area of the home and spreads throughout the home that’s why they both are known as central heating systems

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are used for both heating and cooling systems for homes and they functions by using electricity and refrigerants to transfer heat rather than generating it directly as gas furnace does. This type of heating and cooling is considered the most efficient one and works best in moderate temperatures.

Radiant Heating

Through special tubes hot water or heat is passed usually under the floor, similar to the heating method of boilers. The heat can be produced through either electricity, gas, oil, or propane. This heating system can lasts a long time however its repair method is somewhat expansive that is why this method is not used most often. The lifespan of the radiant heating system also depends on the type of heating used to warm up the water or air passed through the tubes.

Hybrid Heating

This heating system is combined with heating of a gas furnace along with heating pump it works as both heating and cooling system and works in extreme temperatures where all other heating systems lose their efficiency. All above heating systems works great and are long lasting if used with care and proper instructions. For more information about heating systems visit: www.climatesolutions.com.au